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    Cobalt & Tawny is a boho luxe line that mixes a sense of everyday luxury with a travel inspired down to earth vibe. Based out of Maui and made in Bali, all the unique prints are hand drawn with love. Whether you have beach sand between your toes or city sidewalks under your feet, Cobalt & Tawny will add a touch of paradise to your day. 


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    Inspired by the California cool girl, focusing on unique prints and wash techniques. 

    Thieves Like Us is an original Los Angeles inspired brand that is sophisticated and edgy, and a little bit sexy. The collection is made up of easy to wear pieces that will take you from day to night.


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    It all started in 2011. LABEL+thread was created to fulfill a dream of ours. We wanted to build a clothing brand that inspires and lifts your spirits. A brand that honors the tradition of craftsmanship and art, with a modern aesthetic. Clean and simple. Chic and sharp. Pure and natural. Filled with unexpected details – and our signature pop of pink. We source our raw materials from near and afar. Our ideas and inspiration come from the old and the new – we are constantly in search of the perfect balance between tradition and a modern edge. We live and work in NYC – a place where styles both clash and exist in perfect harmony. There is no better place to draw inspiration and filter new ideas. We obsess over color and the smallest of details – is it too much? Or not enough? What does it need to make it unexpected, to give it a reason to be, to make someone happy, uplifted and want to own it? It, of course, is “the design”. For now, it’s knitwear.


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    Founded in 2010, DELACY is a women's contemporary line designed and made in sunny Los Angeles, California. Each season Delacy offers easy style with novelty fabrics and our classic soft modal providing timeless staples with luxe fabrics. 

    Delacy Newly launched Delacy Swim offers edgy unique swim pieces for every type of beach babe.


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    BLQ BASIQ offers bold, luxe, and quality. Clean fashionable pieces for every women. Highlighting three main groups: fashion, basic, and graphics. The fashion pieces offer a up to date trend at a great price. The basics are clean and soft in classic and contemporary styles, what a basic should be. The revolving muscle tee graphics offer an edgy outlet for every fashionista to speak her mind, giving shout outs to coveted designers.

    The collection based out of Los Angeles ties in everything a trendsetter is looking for. Already a celebrity fav, BLQ BASIQ is setting trends and creating the style that is in the moment.

    Bold. Luxe. Quality. I'm a hot mess. 


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    Muubaa redefines what is possible with leather, challenging the notion that leather can only ever look good as a biker jacket (though we do love a great biker jacket). Whether worn as a statement or layered into an overall style, our pieces bring a refined edge and texture to any look.

    Our design philosophy is about creating current yet timeless pieces that every woman can make her own, everyday. We take what we know to be possible with leather, and push it, often surprising with new ways to use and wear it. Each piece tells a story of contrast: a distressed finish on a tailored cut, feminine detailing on a tough shape, a twist on a classic silhouette.

    Leather never lies - so fit, cut and finish are our hallmark. We experiment with different ways to treat the material, and bring in unexpected details. Indeed, we embrace the variable nature of leather because that means each piece is unique and individual…like the women who wear it.